Optronia at Agritechnica 2023

In November 2023, the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery took place in Hannover. The event, which centered around the theme of “Green Productivity,” provided an invaluable opportunity for the company to connect with industry counterparts, forge new partnerships, and showcase our innovative solutions tailored to the market’s needs. 

At the event, Optronia showcased two products: a sensor for animal recognition and protection and a weed detection sensor. 

The highlight of our presentation, which attracted numerous visitors, was the live demonstration of weed detection. Visitors had an opportunity to manipulate the demonstrator’s speed and experiment with plant sizes, witnessing the multispectral sensors in action. Notably, the 32-pixel resolution sensor is designed for spot spraying, reducing chemical usage by up to 90%. Our second product, animal detection, aims to protect wildlife, birds, and nests hiding in the grass during mowing, weed-whipping, and brush cutting. 

Optronia extends its gratitude to organizers, partners, and everyone who visited our booth during the event. 

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