Weed Detection for Selective Spraying

What is PlanSens?

PlanSens is a new plant detection sensor sensor developed by Optronia GmbH.

It’s an optical sensors able to detect and identify the plants both horizontally (for crops) and vertically (for orchards and vineyards) .

The technology is not based on camera but is a multispectral sensor that works in the range of infrared non visible frequencies.

We developed all the technology on our own without using any external components. Optics, electronics, embedded software and the design of the sensors are all developed internally by the team of Optronia in Innsbruck.

Automatic dosing

Automatic control of volume and distribution points according to the characteristics of the vegetation

Data collection

Tracking plant activity to create data for optimization.

Accuracy and speed

High independence due to the speed of up to 25 km/h and advanced optics, which allow achieving high robustness to changes in the measurement distance.

Spot spraying

Herbicide control for increased productivity and reduction of cost

Sunlight independence

Advanced design of the measuring chain allows using sensors day irrespective of the time of day or at night

Plug and Play solution

Frees from pre-scanning the field, uploading data to a database, selecting specific crops. Easy to use.

Km/h at which plants are detected
cm² plant size detected
Pixeles resolution per one sensor
% of chemicals reduction