Adding sight

to high-tech devices
Adding sight

to high-tech devices
Adding sight

to high-tech devices

Optical Sensors

Detect, recognize or analyze objects of any kind. Our contact-free, high speed optical sensors work indoors or outdoors.
From animals to snowflakes. From plants to road defects. From 3D objects to tiny electronic parts.
We engineer the sensor that gives competitive advantage to your device.

Imaging Systems​

Automate vision through novel optics and camera solutions.

Our lens and illumination designs combined with image and video processing open doors for precise, autonomous and standardized machine vision.


Developed in collaboration with PÖTTINGER, it is a system that guarantees the protection of wildlife in the collection of fodder. Sensosafe Fawn Detection Full Video Accurate, fast and easy to use weeds detection solution, spraying only when needed and helping to save up to 90% of chemicals. Plansens Weed Detection Full Video Visit Automatic control of volume and distribution points according to vegetation characteristics. Focus Spraying on
Orchards and Vineyards
Full Video

Our Team

OPTRONIA lives at the intersection of technology, data science and biodiversity. Our mission is to make optical sensor technology useful to protect our environment, climate and biodiversity.

Our team combines expertise in optics, software and electronics to improve the health and well-being of our environment. We are developing the infrastructure and solutions to harness the potential of smart sensor technology. Our optical solutions span three primary areas: smart farming, sustainable food production and industrial applications.

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